Baseline Media: Tennis Commentators Have Responsibilities

Emma Raducanu’s U.S. Open victory at the end of last year was one of the most incredible tennis feats ever. An 18-year-old winning a major, after going through qualifying, winning ten straight matches without dropping a set completely shook the world. Unfortunately, commentators including Martina Navratilova and Tim Henman immediately started to project massive career accomplishments for Raducanu. At 19, Raducanu still has the vast majority of her career ahead of her, and lacks the experience of her peers on the WTA, even many of those who are younger than her. Baseline Tennis tells us why everyone, but especially tennis commentators, need to keep their expectations in check. It’s a pressure-filled world out there for tennis professionals, and they have enough to worry about without the weight of unreasonable expectation.

Click here to watch, or check the link below!


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